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What is is a community led archery encyclopaedia for archers worldwide to find and share information.’s mission is to become the largest source of free-to-access information and resources for the sport of archery. The project is community driven and independent but supported by World Archery.

How do I edit?

You may have noticed that site is looking a little empty at the moment and really this is to be expected with such a new site. We need your help to build this space, develop this community and help us record archery information for new and developing participants.

To start to edit you will need to sign up for an account.

Once you are set up you can create and write any page you want (archery related of course). Simply search for a page and you will be given the option to edit it or create it if it doesn't exist.

The format for writing wiki pages is a little unusual but when you are editing pages you will see a blue bar at the top of the text window that will format the text for you, or you can find more information on wikitext on Wikipedia.

Where can I get help?

As well as providing an archery encyclopaedia we are aiming to build a community that can support each other. In the first instance you can write a question on our Help Desk or ask for help in our Facebook Group.

If you have a page about you (or want to build a page about you) please get in touch.

Where should I start?

Why not start by creating a page for your archery club or one of our missing pages.

What are the rules?

As the community develops the rules for what we will and won't allow are likely to become more and more lengthy, developed by the community especially our community moderators. If you would like to help us to develop our rules and policies please get in touch.

As the rules develop you will be able to see them on the Community Guidelines

Initially the rules for what to post are very simple;

  • Post about anything archery related.
  • Please limit pages on athletes only to current and former international athletes, if you would like to let us know about your own archery activities please update your User page (Just click on your username in the top corner once you are logged in).