1988 Summer Olympics

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XXIV Olympiad
Host City Seoul
South Korea KOR-L.png
Motto Harmony and Progress
Venue Hwarang Archery Field
Opening 17 September 1988
Closing 2 October 1988

Archery at the 1988 Summer Olympics was held at Hwarang Archery Field. Four events were contested in archery at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. These events included team competitions for the first time in modern Olympic archery. Men's and women's individual competitions continued to be part of the schedule as well.

Competition format


84 archers competed in the men's individual competition while 62 competed in the women's event with a maximum of 3 athletes from each country in each event. A preliminary ranking round was held where each archer shot a single FITA round. The top 24 ranked archers from the preliminary round advanced to eighth-final. In this round archers shot one-fourth the number of arrows normal for a FITA round with the top 18 advancing to the quarterfinals. The top 12 archers from the quarterfinals advanced to the semifinals where only the top 8 advanced to the final.


Each country that had three archers in the individual competition may also compete in the team competition. In the first round the archers shot a single FITA round with the top 12 teams advancing to the semifinal. The top 8 teams from the semifinal advanced to the final.


Men's Individual

Medal Archer Representing
GoldGold Jay Barrs  USA USA-L.png
SilverSilver Park Sung-soo  South Korea KOR-L.png
BronzeBronze Vladimir Yesheyev  Soviet Union

Women's Individual

Medal Archer Representing
GoldGold Kim Soo-nyung  South Korea KOR-L.png
SilverSilver Wang Hee-kyung  South Korea KOR-L.png
BronzeBronze Yun Young-sook  South Korea KOR-L.png

Men's Team

Medal Team Comprising
GoldGold South Korea KOR-L.png Chun In-soo
Lee Han-sup
Park Sung-soo
SilverSilver USA USA-L.png Jay Barrs
Richard McKinney
Darrell Pace
BronzeBronze Great Britain GBR-L.png Steven Hallard
Richard Priestman
Leroy Watson

Women's Team

Medal Team Comprising
GoldGold South Korea KOR-L.png Kim Soo-nyung
Wang Hee-kyung
Yun Young-sook
SilverSilver Indonesia INA-L.png Lilies Handayani
Nurfitriyana Saiman
Kusuma Wardhani
BronzeBronze USA USA-L.png Deborah Ochs
Denise Parker
Melanie Skillman

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