1996 Summer Olympics

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XXVI Olympiad
Host City Atlanta
Motto The Celebration of the Century
Venue Sydney International Archery Park
Opening 19 July 1996
Closing 4 August 1996

Archery at the 1996 Summer Olympics was held at Stone Mountain Park Archery Center.

Competition format

Archery at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta consisted of four events. The events were held in neighboring Stone Mountain. All archery was done at a range of 70 metres. 64 archers competed in each the men's individual and women's individual competitions. They began with a 72-arrow ranking round. This was followed by three elimination rounds, in which archers competed head-to-head in 18-arrow matches. After these rounds, there were 8 archers left in each gender. The quarterfinals, semifinals, and medal matches (collectively termed the "finals round") were 12-arrow matches. In all matches, losers were eliminated and received a final rank determined by their score in that round, with the exception of the semifinals. The losers of the semifinals competed in the bronze medal match.


Men's Individual

Medal Archer Representing
GoldGold Justin Huish  USA USA-L.png
SilverSilver Magnus Petersson  Sweden SWE-L.png
BronzeBronze Oh Kyo-moon  South Korea NED-L.png

Women's Individual

Medal Archer Representing
GoldGold Kim Kyung-Wook  South Korea KOR-L.png
SilverSilver He Ying  China CHN-L.png
BronzeBronze Olena Sadovnycha  Ukraine UKR-L.png

Men's Team

Medal Team Comprising
GoldGold USA USA-L.png Justin Huish
Butch Johnson
Rod White
SilverSilver South Korea KOR-L.png Jang Yong-ho
Kim Bo-ram
Oh Kyo-moon
BronzeBronze Italy ITA-L.png Matteo Bisiani
Michele Frangilli
Andrea Parenti

Women's Team

Medal Team Comprising
GoldGold South Korea KOR-L.png Kim Jo-Sun
Kim Kyung-Wook
Yoon Hye-Young
SilverSilver Germany GER-L.png Barbara Mensing
Cornelia Pfohl
Sandra Wagner-Sachse
BronzeBronze Poland POL-L.png Iwona Dzięcioł
Katarzyna Klata
Joanna Nowicka

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