2004 Summer Olympics

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XXVIII Olympiad
Host City Athens
Greece GRE-L.png
Motto Welcome Home
Venue Panathenaic Stadium
Opening 13 August 2004
Closing 29 August 2004

Archery at the 2004 Summer Olympics was held at Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens, Greece with ranking rounds on 12 August and regular competition held from 15 August to 21 August. One hundred twenty-eight archers from forty-three nations competed in the four gold medal events—individual and team events for men and for women—that were contested at these games.

The stadium, often called Kallimarmaro, is notable as the site of the first Olympic Games and even earlier, where the Ancient Greeks' Panathenean Games were hosted. At the behest of James Easton, president of the International Archery Federation, archery events were held in the historic stadium, hoping that its history and natural beauty would attract the public to the sport. Laurence Godfrey the fourth-place finisher in the men's individual event, remarked that the stadium inspired pride, while American Vic Wunderle spoke for most of the archers in saying, "It's a great honor and a privilege to be able to compete inside the 1896 Olympic Stadium."

The Korean team won three out of the four gold medals contested. Four Olympic records and several other world records were broken at these games, despite poor weather conditions during the preliminary rounds of competition.

Competition format

Individual events

For all archery events at the Olympics, archers stand 70 metres from their target. The target consists of concentric circles, and has a total diameter of 122 cm. Archers earn points based on which circle their arrow landed in, with ten points awarded for hitting the centre circle, and one point awarded for hitting the outermost circle. During the ranking rounds, each archer shot twelve ends, or groups, of six arrows per end. The score from that round determined the match-ups in the elimination rounds, with high-ranking archers facing low-ranking archers. The first three rounds of elimination used six ends of three arrows, narrowing the field of archers from 64 to 8. The three final rounds (quarterfinals, semi-finals, and medal matches) each used four ends of three arrows.

Team events

Thirteen men's and fifteen women's teams competed in the team competitions. The teams consisted of the country's three archers from the individual round, and the team's initial ranking was determined by summing the three members' scores in the individual ranking round. Each round of eliminations consisted of each team shooting 27 arrows (9 by each archer).


Men's Individual

Medal Archer Representing
GoldGold Marco Galiazzo Italy ITA-L.png
SilverSilver Hiroshi Yamamoto  Japan JPN-L.png
BronzeBronze Tim Cuddihy  Australia AUS-L.png

Women's Individual

Medal Archer Representing
GoldGold Park Sung-hyun  South Korea KOR-L.png
SilverSilver Lee Sung-Jin  South Korea KOR-L.png
BronzeBronze Alison Williamson  Great Britain GBR-L.png

Men's Team

Medal Team Comprising
GoldGold South Korea KOR-L.png Im Dong-Hyun
Jang Yong-Ho
Park Kyung-Mo
SilverSilver Chinese Taipei Chen Szu-yuan
Liu Ming-huang
Wang Cheng-pang
BronzeBronze Ukraine UKR-L.png Dmytro Hrachov
Viktor Ruban
Oleksandr Serdyuk

Women's Team

Medal Team Comprising
GoldGold South Korea KOR-L.png Lee Sung-Jin
Park Sung-hyun
Yun Mi-Jin
SilverSilver China CHN-L.png He Ying
Lin Sang
Zhang Juanjuan
BronzeBronze Chinese Taipei Chen Li-Ju
Wu Hui-ju
Yuan Shu-chi

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