2008 Summer Olympics

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XXIX Olympiad
Host City Beijing
China CHN-L.png
Motto One World, One Dream
Venue Olympic Green Archery Field
Opening 8 August 2008
Closing 24 August 2008

At the 2008 Summer Olympics, the Archery competitions were held between 9 August and 15 August, at the Olympic Green Archery Field, a temporary venue on the Olympic Green, Beijing's Olympic Park.

Competition format

Both men and women have the same size targets (1.22 m) and stand the same distance away from their target (70 m). The score for each arrow is determined by how close to the center of the target it hits, with a score of 10 for hitting directly in the center, down to 0 points if the target is missed entirely or the archer fails to shoot within the time limit of 40 seconds per arrow. Medals were awarded in four events: Men's Individual, Women's Individual, Men's Team, and Women's Team.

Individual events

64 archers compete in both the men's and women's individual competition. A preliminary ranking round is held at 70 m, where each archer shoots 72 arrows (in six ends, or groups, of 12 arrows). The resulting score is used to seed the archers into a single elimination bracket.

Unlike in Athens, the archers who win the first round of the individual competition, will compete immediately in the following round, without waiting for the general conclusion of the eliminations. The order of shooting will be given by the placement of the archers after the ranking round. The archers shoot 12 arrows in ends of 3 arrows.

Team events

Each country that has three archers in the individual competition may also compete in the team competition. The scores from the individual ranking round are summed to determine the team score that is used to seed the teams in a single elimination bracket. Matches consist of each team shooting 24 arrows (in Athens they shot 27) in 4 ends of 6 arrows, with each archer on the team shooting 8 arrows.


Men's Individual

Medal Archer Representing
GoldGold Viktor Ruban Ukraine UKR-L.png
SilverSilver Park Kyung-Mo  South Korea KOR-L.png
BronzeBronze Bair Badenov  Russia RUS-L.png

Women's Individual

Medal Archer Representing
GoldGold Zhang Juanjuan China CHN-L.png
SilverSilver Park Sung-hyun  South Korea KOR-L.png
BronzeBronze Yun Ok-Hee  South Korea KOR-L.png

Men's Team

Medal Team Comprising
GoldGold South Korea KOR-L.png Im Dong-Hyun
Lee Chang-Hwan
Park Kyung-Mo
SilverSilver Italy ITA-L.png Mauro Nespoli
Marco Galiazzo
Ilario Di Buò
BronzeBronze China CHN-L.png Jiang Lin
Li Wenquan
Xue Haifeng

Women's Team

Medal Team Comprising
GoldGold South Korea KOR-L.png Park Sung-hyun
Yun Ok-Hee
Joo Hyun-Jung
SilverSilver China CHN-L.png Zhang Juanjuan
Chen Ling
Guo Dan
BronzeBronze France FRA-L.png Virginie Arnold
Sophie Dodemont
Bérangère Schuh

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