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Beiter BLYL.png
Country Germany GER-L.png
Founded 1984
Website Beiter Main website

Werner Beiter produces archery accessories since 1984, but is active in the production of polymer products (injection moulding) since 1970, mainly in the watch and automotive, as well as in the medical and electronic industry.

He invented the Beiter Nock, the first and only asymmetric nock on the market. After the Beiter Nocking Point and the Beiter Nock, Werner Beiter developed hundreds of other archery accessories and tools, known worldwide and used by the best archers.

Werner Beiter passed away 2014, but his heritage continues in the family owned business with his daughter Nicole Beiter-Lorenz.

All Beiter products are produced in Germany! This means the products are not only designed but also manufactured in Germany!

To know more about Beiter products you can visit following websites: