City of Cambridge Bowmen

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City of Cambridge Bowmen
Country GBR-L.png United Kingdom
Region Southern Counties Archery Society
County Cambridgeshire Archery Association
Founded 1951 (70 years old)

City of Cambridge Bowmen (CCB) is a community club, founded in 1951.[1] The club is affiliated to the national governing body Archery GB, regional organisation Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS), and the county organisation Cambridgeshire Archery Association (CAA).


The club accepts archers of all bowstyles, with the majority of its membership coming from the city of Cambridge and the surrounding areas to the west. Membership is typically around 40, but has dropped to approximately 20 as a result of the 2020-2021 coronavirus pandemic.


The club is primarily a target club.

Members shoot indoors twice a week at Coleridge Community College from October to March. The club shoots outdoors all year round, thrice a week from April to October, and once a week during the winter season.[2] Currently the club uses Girton College sports field. Prior to 2020 the outdoor venue was Downing College sports fields, but the closing of venues as a result of the 2020-2021 global coronavirus pandemic resulted in the move to Girton.[3]

The club is part of the Archery GB onTarget development programme.


Town vs. Gown

The club (Town) takes part in an annual competition against its university counterparts Cambridge University Bowmen (Gown). The two clubs compete for the Joshua Taylor Cup. The event dates back to 1950, though it lapsed around 2003 following the loss of the trophy and little is known about the competition prior to this. Following the return of the trophy to the university clubbing 2016 the university captain Jack Atkinson (later CCB) decided to re-start the event. The format is now a Western round, with the trophy being awarded to the club with the highest score by a team of four.[4]

The trophy is currently held by Cambridge University Bowmen.

Annual WA720

Each year the club hosts two Double WA720 rounds held over the course of a single weekend in May.[5]


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