Cleve Archers

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Cleve Archers
Country GBR-L.png United Kingdom
Region Grand Western Archery Society
County Gloucestershire Archery Society
Founded 1960 (61 years old)

Cleve Archers is a community club, founded in 1960. The club is affiliated to the Regional organisation Grand Western Archery Society (GWAS) and the County organisation Gloucestershire Archery Society (GAS).

The club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), demonstrating its commitment to providing a community service.

The club is part of the Archery GB onTarget development programme, in recognition of our welcoming atmosphere and work with juniors the club has been awarded the Community and Young People specialisms.


Over the years the club has moved around renting venues to shoot. From 2002 - 2020 years Cleve Archers rented a venue in Moorend. In 2020 the club moved to a new venue, also in Moorend, that they had purchased a few years prior.

To help with the move and the substantial amount of work and funding needed to develop the new site Cleve Archers became a Private Limited Company on 27 February 2015.

Through members' work and external grants Cleve Archers performed a substantial amount of work developing the site. After securing planning permission, the field was levelled and club house facilities built, including an 18m/20y indoor shooting range.