Kris Schaff

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Kris Schaff
Nationality USA-L.png USA
Bowstyle Compound
Discipline Target
Handedness Right Handed


World Championships

Gold Yankton 2018 Team
Gold Mexico City 2017 Team

World Cup

Gold Macau Open Team
Bronze Berlin 2019 Individual
Bronze Berlin 2019 Individual
Silver Antalya 2019 Team
Gold Shanghai 2019 Team
Gold Indoor World Series Finals Team
Silver Nimes Tournament 1000 Team
Gold Samsun 2018 Team
Gold Berlin 2018 Team
Silver Berlin 2018 Team
Gold Salt Lake City 2018 Team
Silver Antalya 2018 Team
Silver Antalya 2018 Team
Gold Shanghai 2018 Team
Silver Indoor World Cup Final 2018 Team
Gold Nimes 2018 Team
Silver Bangkok 2017 Team
Gold Berlin 2017 Team

Multisport World Event

Bronze Wroclaw 2017 World Games Individual

Continental Championships

Silver Pan American And Para Pan American Championships Team

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