Olympic Archery

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Olympic Archery
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Archery is a Summer Olympics sport. Archery events were held at the Olympic Games of 1900, 1904, 1908, 1920 and then from 1972 to date. It is governed by the World Archery. Recurve archery is the only discipline of archery featured at the Olympic Games.


Early Olympics 1900-1920

Archery events were held at the Olympic Games of 1900, 1904, 1908 and 1920.

Modern Era 1972-present

Archery returned to the Olympics in 1972.


Year Location Results Notes
1900 Paris FRA-L.png 1900 Summer Olympics First time that archery was featured in the Olympics. All seven events were for men.
1904 St Louis USA-L.png 1904 Summer Olympics Team archery was introduced at these Games, as was women's archery.
1908 London GBR-L.png 1908 Summer Olympics
1920 Antwerp BEL-L.png 1920 Summer Olympics Events included fixed/moving large/small birds.
1972 Munich GER-L.png 1972 Summer Olympics First recognisable modern archery Olympics. Round was a double WA1440
1976 Montreal CAN-L.png 1976 Summer Olympics
1980 Moscow RUS-L.png 1980 Summer Olympics
1984 Los Angeles USA-L.png 1984 Summer Olympics
1988 Seoul KOR-L.png 1988 Summer Olympics Team events re-introduced. Individual ranking WA1440 followed by knock-out matches
1992 Barcelona ESP-L.png 1992 Summer Olympics All shooting moves to 70m.
1996 Atlanta USA-L.png 1996 Summer Olympics
2000 Sydney AUS-L.png 2000 Summer Olympics
2004 Athens GRE-L.png 2004 Summer Olympics
2008 Beijing CHN-L.png 2008 Summer Olympics
2012 London GBR-L.png 2012 Summer Olympics
2016 Rio de Janeiro BRA-L.png 2016 Summer Olympics