Paralympic Archery

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Paralympic Archery
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Archery is a Summer Paralympics sport. Archery events were held at the Paralympic Games from 1960 to date. It is governed by World Archery. Archers are classified according to the extent of their disability.


Stoke Mandeville Games 1948 onwards

First held in 1948, the Games were held annually (until 2010, now biennially), originally in Stoke Mandeville, near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, South East England. They were the forerunner of the Paralympics. In fact what are recognised now as the first four Paralympics were known at the time as the 9th/13th/17th/21st Stoke Mandeville Games.

Modern Era 1960-present

Archery was one of the sports in the first Paralympic Games held in 1960 and it has been at all the Paralympic Games since, unlike the Olympics. Archery did not re-join the Olympics until 1972, meaning that in 1960, 1964 and 1968, archery was a Paralympic, but not an Olympic sport.

Classification System

W1: Wheelchair and Cerebral Palsy athletes with impairment in all four limbs

W2: Wheelchair users with full arm function.

W3: Standing athletes in Amputee, Les Autres and Cerebral Palsy categories. Some athletes in the standing group will sit on a high stool for support but will still have their feet touching the ground


Year Location Results Notes
1960 Rome ITA-L.png 1960 Summer Paralympics First ever Paralympics. 8 archery events 4 for men, 4 for women
1964 Tokyo JPN-L.png 1964 Summer Paralympics First team events, although for men only
1968 Tel Aviv ISR-L.png 1968 Summer Paralympics Olympics were held in Mexico City
1972 Heidelberg GER-L.png 1972 Summer Paralympics Olympics were held in Munich, some mixed team events
1976 Toronto CAN-L.png 1976 Summer Paralympics Olympics were held in Montreal
1980 Arnhem NED-L.png 1980 Summer Paralympics Olympics were held in Moscow
1984 New York USA-L.png / Stoke Mandeville GBR-L.png 1984 Summer Paralympics Olympics were held in Los Angeles
1988 Seoul KOR-L.png 1988 Summer Paralympics First (contested) women's team events
1992 Barcelona / Madrid ESP-L.png 1992 Summer Paralympics Olympics were held in Barcelona
1996 Atlanta USA-L.png 1996 Summer Paralympics
2000 Sydney AUS-L.png 2000 Summer Paralympics
2004 Athens GRE-L.png 2004 Summer Paralympics
2008 Beijing CHN-L.png 2008 Summer Paralympics
2012 London GBR-L.png 2012 Summer Paralympics
2016 Rio de Janeiro BRA-L.png 2016 Summer Paralympics