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Country Germany GER-L.png
Founded 2004
Website tec-hro.de

TEC-HRO shooting equipment GmbH & Co. KG is an German manufacturer of recurve and compound accessories located in Brigachtal, Baden-Württemberg. TEC-HRO is owned by Armin Rothmund and Christoph Häßler.


TEC-HRO shooting equipment was founded in 2004. They started with shooting equipment for rifle and pistol shooters. In 2009 Christoph Häßler stopped shooting rifle and started recurve shooting. Since 2010 there have been more and more products for archery.


The most innovative products:

TEC-HRO MicroClicker - Clicker with micro adjustment

TEC-HRO SpineAligner - Spine-Device to find the soft side of the arrows

TEC-HRO SightDamper - Damper for recurve and compound sights

TEC-HRO V-Bar 5.15 - V-bar with quick release and angled stabilizers