Universiade Archery

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Universiade Archery
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Archery is a compulsory Summer Universiade sport. FISU are the governing body. There are recurve and compound, team and individual competitions.


Archery was a guest sport in 2003 in Dauegu, South Korea. It was also a guest sport in 2005, 2009, 2011, 2015 and 2017. These competitions ran in addition to separate World University Archery Championships (these were held in even numbered years). WUAC was discontinued when archery became a compulsory Universiade sport.

Archery became a compulsory sport when it featured in its third consecutive Summer Universiade, in 2019 in Naples, Italy.[1]


Year Location Results Notes
2003 Daegu KOR-L.png 2003 Summer Universiade 22nd Summer Universiade - first appearance of archery
2005 Izmir TUR-L.png 2005 Summer Universiade
2009 Belgrade SRB-L.png 2009 Summer Universiade Mixed team added as category
2011 Shenzhen CHN-L.png 2011 Summer Universiade
2015 Gwangju KOR-L.png 2015 Summer Universiade
2017 Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade
2019 Naples ITA-L.png 2019 Summer Universiade Archery becomes a compulsory sport at the Summer Universiade


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